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Acupuncture does not have better scientific evidence supporting it, just better marketing. While this is primarily a straw man argument no doctor that I would know would tell a parent not to go on the Internet, there is a grain of truth to the extent that experience has taught us that a lot of what parents like Ms. Kelley pointed out that some stool banks do the donation right in the center, after a donor is approved. She said it may have to be adjusted to each individual patient in terms of how strong the electrical stimulation should be. The circuits on the left side get brighter as those on the right side get dimmer. The immediate treatment of a shoulder dislocation is to place the patient in a sling to allow the swelling and inflammation around the shoulder to subside. Answer: Many caregivers wonder whether its OK to lie to someone with Alzheimers or when they find that trying to convince their relatives of the truth isnt working. It is time that we the pharmacy profession give a wakeup call to the nation. There is no legitimate evidence to support the fact that it works for any of the stated purposes, but there are worrying reports of significant toxicity. The virus can also reach the brain, leading to encephalitis, and can cause blindness by blistering the eyeballs.
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